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Back to files b0VIM 6.0;½<ý]ècdriverzen~driver/hacks/c/jackpp/cvs/release/jackpp/README3210#"! Utpÿ<ad<Ú´hH"!äÐËHÛÃÂf@þ

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Ä f ¤VÑÐÂÁº³tLKE?Thanks to Pat for much advice and help.=---=ExtraBluefish: http://bluefish.openoffice.nlBeaver: http://www.beaver-project.orgCRUX: was written with the aid of a very nice X-based editor called Beaver and compiled on a GNU/Linux platform running the Swedish distribution CRUX, 2.4.17 Kernel, Libc 2.2.4, using GCC/G++ (version 2.95.3). These html pages were created with the help of BlueFish .one. Hence the project name was changed to 'Jackpp', consisting of part of the original title, 'Lumberjack', and 'pp' for plus plus.if I was going to learn languages from this project, why not learn more than Jackpp began as a small time coding project, mainly to allow me (Mike) to avoid studying for examinations while learning C and thus vaguely claiming education. The project was titled 'Lumberjack' and, as a consequence of very little C programming knowledge, quickly deteriorated into a more messy affair, than any American administration could hope to achieve. When the code reached a totally unmaintainable and equally unreadable point, the decision to switch to C++ was made, on your web browser or locating on your http server(eg Apache).Jackpp is a statistical generator for the Half-Life modification Counter-Strike.The 'statter' processes log files from your Linux dedicated server and presents the summarised information in nice, easy to follow .html files for viewing =---------------------=Info for the Interestedand then just open the index.html in any browserjackpp -a alias.file *logcp -R ~/jackpp/imgs .cd ~/public_html/statsa typical example of this would be :jackpp -a /path/to/alias.file /path/to/logfilesor if you want to use an alias file :jackpp /path/to/logfilesand then run :cp -R /location/of/imgs/ /path/to/dest/change to the directory you want the stats generated in, and copy the jackpp binary here. If it's been make installed this shouldnt be necessary. Next copy the imgs/ sub directory to the destination as well, ie :RUNNING:Jackpp will only generate the html files, not the imgs.NOTE: Remember to locate the imgs/ directory to your html dir as This will create the jackpp binary and optionally install it. make install (optional)// most likely need to be root to install// the DESTDIR variable to point to the desired location. You will// is '/usr/local/bin' to change this edit src/Makefile and change// optionally install the binary, the default installation pathmakecd jackpp-1.0.5/srctar zxfv jackpp-1.0.5.tar.gzINSTALL: - stable distributions=-----------------------------------=world: perth, western australiaweb: Readme for Jackpp Version 1.0.5

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