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  • IL.C: ISDN log analysis tool for Traverse Technologies Netjet ISDN card
  • ILD.C: ISDN Log Daemon for Traverse Technologies Netjet ISDN card

(C) 1999 Marc Durdin

Covered under GPL 2.0 or later, etc... you know the story.


Read the source, Luke.


Okay, I'll give you some installation hints:

  1. backup /usr/src/linux/drivers/isdn/hisax/netjet.c.
  2. patch -p1 netjet.c < ild-netjet.patch This patch was for netjet.c version 1998/09/30 22:24:02
  3. make modules, make modules_install, restart ISDN connection. See READMEs in /usr/src/linux for more info on this.
  4. compile il.c and ild.c: gcc ild.c -o ild gcc il.c -o il -lgd -lm
  5. run ILD. It has options you may want to change.
  6. when you want to, run IL. It too has options.

I've tested it under RH 5.2 (kernel 2.0.36), using the included version of ISDN4Linux.


  • It's easy enough to setup perl scripts, whatever, to let you use the natty little refresh button generated by IL on a web page... or else you cron IL.
  • You'll need the gd .gif library from, if you don't already have it.
  • Don't use the patched netjet without ILD for too long or you'll run out of memory/disk space. It all depends on how much throughput your ISDN line is doing. Try cat /dev/isdnctrl0 for an idea, while ILD isn't running.



  • Added date/time to the text display, instead of numerical list
  • Made day boundary at midnight instead of 11am (oops...) when calculating total transfers


  • A few rounding bugs were fixed in version 0.1.1.
  • And the name was changed from ISDNLog to ILD (=ISDN Log Daemon). This is so the name doesn't conflict with the ISDN4KUtils utility ISDNLog.


  • Initial release... probably buggy and horrible, but we'll see.


Marc Durdin wrote it. did an prototype daemon in perl. And thanks to Guy Ellis from Traverse Technologies for the original suggestion.

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