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This is a short (no, it's not short anymore :) perl script to colorize' your logs. You can use your own colors, you can simply modify your config file in your home directory ($HOME), or system-wide (/etc/colorizerc). Some colors are shit, 'cause I was developing the script on my sisters' mono vga monitor. If you have a good "theme", I please you to send me, and I will put into the tarball.
Put somewhere in your path. Or just set the PATH environment variable.

You will need a Perl module called Term::ANSIColor by Russ Allbery and Zenin (thanks for it).

You can download from the CPAN archive:

or (when you use Debian GNU/Linux potato) simply type: apt-get install libansicolor-perl

or (when you use Debian GNU/Linux woody or newer), it is in the perl-modules package.

Just pipe the logs in the script, and have fun.
cat /var/log/daemon.log | colorize tail -0f /var/log/daemon.log /var/log/apache/access.log | colorize colorize < /var/log/messages
In TIPS file and in examples directory.

Use ccze by Gergely Nagy (mhp)

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