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Big Brother Log Analyzer

This package consists of two modules: a logger that logs all accesses to selected web pages, and a log analyzer, that, based on the logs generated by the logger, generates an W3C compliant HTML page (HTML 4.01 transitional). No super-user privileges are required for installation or usage, making the package usable by anyone.

The logger records the following information: IP address, domain, subdomain, date, browser used, operating system used, page accessed, and refering page.

The analyzer groups these results into an easily-readable list of tables, pie charts, and histograms. Graphs in the resulting page are in PNG format. Most recent browsers can read PNG files. If yours can't, now may be a good time to join us in the 21st century and upgrade!

Contrary to most log analyzers available on the market, this package is completely free, and doesn't require you to have a stupid banner on your webpage. It is actually completely transparent, and unless your visitors look at your HTML source, they won't notice that you are tracking them.

Please see the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

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