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MagicStats 2.0 provides regular expression matching capabilities. For this, it makes use of the PCRE library, produced by Philip Hazel <>. This library aims to support all features that Perl does, and does so free of charge, even for commercial uses.

All that is required to upgrade to a new version of PCRE is to replace the files in this directory with the new ones. Some files from the original distribution have been removed (such as the test cases and prcegrep), which has only been done to conserve disk space.

-Chris Lattner

Modifications to library code:

  1. Project modified to compile with fastcall when in Release mode.
  2. Changed the pcre_malloc and free variables to use __cdecl, so that they may point to the standard malloc and free functions. Changes included changing the pcre.h definitions and the declarations in pcre.c. The C file now contains this:
        //void *(__cdecl * pcre_malloc)(size_t) = malloc;
        //void  (__cdecl *pcre_free)(void *) = free;

     And the H file contains this:

        //extern void *(*pcre_malloc)(size_t);
        //extern void  (*pcre_free)(void *);

        #define pcre_malloc malloc
        #define pcre_free free

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