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A python backup system

Hydra depends on:

Python 2.3 or greater (for tarfile)
Pyro 3.3 (may work on older versions) Optional: Python-QT3 3.8

Just install pyro and python and you should be ready. Hydra uses only standard python modules for the rest of its functionality.

If you want to try the new GUI client, run It's new and I will continue to make changes to it. Let me know if you find serious bugs.


First, you'll need python's 'distutils' module to do the install. This is included in the python-dev package in debian, and similar packages in other linux distributions.

Just run

python install

in the hydra distribution directory (as root).

Once installed, run


as root to set the hydra administrative password. You will be prompted for it when you run the hydra client to access the server. Once you have set the admin password, you can start hydra:

/etc/init.d/hydra start

Hydra creates /var/lib/hydra and stores its tracker data there. See the hydra project page for information on how to get started and run the client:

If you have any questions, subscribe to the hydra discussion list here:

I'll be happy to answer questions or consider feature requests and suggestions. If you can think of a way to improve hydra, I want to know!


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