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glastree 1.03 stable


Builds live backup trees, with branches for each day. Users directly browse the past to recover older documents or retrieve lost files.

Hard links serve to compress out unchanged files, while modified ones are copied verbatim. A prune utility effects a constant, sliding window.

Satoru Takabayashi has writen a similar program, in Ruby, "pdumpfs":


Edit install variables in Makefile, then 'make install' ::

# su
# make install


Backup home directory to /vol02/backup ::

# mkdir /vol02/backup
# glastree ~ /vol02/backup

You will subsequently see directories such as ::


Backup my Mail files to /backup/joe/Mail (a directory I own), everyday at 4am, keeping last 35 days ::

0 4 * * * glastree Mail /backup/joe/Mail ; \

glastreeprune --days=35 /backup/joe/Mail | xargs -- rm -fr

As root, backup /home; user trees will be self-owned ::

# su
# glastree /home /backup


Released into the public domain. I provide no warranty, accept no responsibility, etc.


Jeremy Wohl,, "code homepage":

I appreciate feedback, patches or anecdotes.

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